Solutions for Social Impact


Communication and Purpose


For a more supportive, sustainable and fairer world


Our Priority

We are a social good communication agency devoted to provide a new generation of strategic engagement and communication projects that strengthen brands with the purpose of building a more inclusive, just and sustainable society.

Cause as a priority

We want to partner with organizations and companies to promote positive and long lasting social change. We believe in partnerships to solve problems, enhance good practices, maximize social investments and align social and business strategies.

Our services

We provide a high standard consultancy and content production as part of tailored solutions to accelerate positive changes for efficient strategies to make the most of every project.


We identify opportunities and coherent initiatives to integrate social impact to business. That’s how we build stronger brands and make a difference to the causes that our clients want to champion, aligning purpose and mission for a more sustainable and long lasting social impact.


We develop a rich menu of initiatives meant to entice and bring about relevant information concerning the social impact story. Our goal is to promote pleasant experiences around causes meant to create the greatest good to the world. Our clients can count on outstanding content to convey their message.

Meet Us

Isabel Clemente

Isabel Clemente

I’m a writer and journalist with almost 25 years of experience in the main Brazilian newsrooms where I worked as a reporter, editor, columnist and international correspondent. I had the chance to be the London correspondent for Folha de São Paulo, the leading Brazilian newspaper. From the hard journalistic investigations on the political heart of Brazil to the funny challenges of family issues, I bring with me a rich experience of storytelling approaches which includes two published books. I joined as an independent consultant and curator for social transformation projects in Instituto Igarapé, a global think tank, and Tamboro, about the art of communication.

Sandro Rego

I have an exceptional amount of experience in the Public Relations and Institutional Relations arenas. I’ve worked with corporate cultures focused on common good, which has given me a diverse vision about the communication processes. My professional portfolio includes strategic positions in Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN), Bunge, Grupo Boticário, Banco Safra and FleishmanHillard, one of the worlds leading Communication Agencies. I’m focused on the best and most innovative practices to build legacies.

Sandro Rego

Priority Network

We work with international professionals that have expertise in a variety of areas that provide input according to their knowledge.


Where we are

Brazil and Portugal